Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kelsey's Spring Break Week

Ok, so now that I have gotten the toughest post in the world out of the way, I can say what else has been happening this past week! :) Debra and Van had went to the lake for Spring Break and wanted to take Kelsey with them for a couple of days. Well, our plans were for her to go down with her Maw-Maw and Pop-Pop Sunday after church, but little Miss decided to run a 103.1 fever Saturday night... She had been coughing and had a runny nose since Thursday, so Brian went ahead and took her to the doctor Sunday (I was relieved to find out her normal doctors office was open on the weekends, during this time of year - YEAH!) But as always it was viral. Anyway, Debra had rushed home to be with us Monday when everything happened and she ended up spending the night with us. (She is the BEST mother-in-law a girl could have - I am VERY lucky!!) But Kelsey's temperature hadn't came back, so we decided to let her go with MiMi back down to the lake Tuesday. We really didn't want her to go, but we had to get our selfishness out of the way and do what Kelsey would have the most fun doing! Debra has said that she has been having a blast down there riding in the Ranger, searching for lady bugs and lizards, fishing, playing in the dirt and going for boat rides!! We have OH SO Missed her SOOOO much and can not wait to see her tonight!!!! Here are a few pictures that MiMi and Uncle JJ has sent me on my phone. She is my sweet, precious baby girl I love her so much!!!

Going for a boat ride!!
Tuesday, 03/17/2009

Kelsey "fishing"
Wednesday, 03/18/2009

Playing in the dirt (I am glad I wasn't there for this one!)
Thursday, 03/19/2009

And her new Favorite - Danimals Smoothie GoGurt!!
Thursday, 03/19/2009

He knows best!

Ok, so I have not been looking forward to this post. As most now know, we lost the baby. We started having problems the Sunday before last. I called the nurse Monday and she said it was normal. Then, me still freaking, I called back Tuesday and the nurse told me the same thing - It is completely normal, but for your piece of mind, won't you come on in tomorrow. So we went in Wednesday, they done the ultrasound and examination. I was sooo relieved to hear a heartbeat, it was just the best feeling!! And they said everything else looked fine, as well. ( I had not seen my regular dr at this point) She told me, just as a precaution, to stay off work and rest until Monday and they would see me back then. They caught us before we left and sent me to the lab to check my progesterone level. So, Thursday morning when I got up, the dr's office had left me a voicemail saying that my levels were borderlined that they were calling me in progesterone supplement to start on it immediately. So, of course, when I returned the dr assistant's call, I had all these questions for her and so she just said she would get with the nurse and have her call me back. The nurse said that my levels were low and they were putting me on the supplement just as a precaution. I asked her what my levels were and she said that normal is 12 and mine was a 5. This really upset me, but as they assured me, I told myself everything is going to be ok... It is in God's hands. Well, Friday night I started having very faint cramps and I got upset, but they only lasted about 15 minutes and I was okay. The next time I went to the restroom I passed, what we thought at the time was a blood clot... I felt just fine Saturday and Sunday and then we went to the doctor Monday morning. We went in for the ultrasound and she didn't see anything and asked if I had passed a clot or anything and we said yes..... That day was just terrible!!! I just can't get that moment out of my head and probably never will. But we are keeping our heads up because we know that everything happens for a reason and God knows what is best and it is all in his hands!!! We just want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers during our rough few days. Thank you so much - We love each and every one of y'all!!! But, we will just wait and see what the future holds for us and what God has planned for us!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kelsey's house

Ok - so Kelsey has been asking for this house for days now! I just thought it was too cute not to share. It started Saturday when we were going through Friday's mail. She got the Toys 'R Us book, as she always does, and starts looking through it. Of course she wanted EVERYTHING in the book - but she KEEPS coming back to this "house" and says she wants it. She wanted me to read the book to her the other night when I was putting her to sleep (the night Brian was in Mobile) so we looked at the book. She went straight to this page and said I want that house and I said - well, you have to tell your Daddy. She then says " call daddy" so we got Brian on the phone and she says "daddy, I want this house" and Brian said what house, baby. And she says " this dollhouse" That was the MOST she has EVER talked on the phone. It was so precious.... So yesterday, Tuesday, when I got there to pick her up from MiMi's house, the MINUTE I walked in the door she ran to me and said, Momma, I want the house.... I just died laughing. I was actually talking to Brian on the phone when I walked in and I told Kelsey, well Daddy wants to talk to you, so tell him. She got on the phone and told Brian "I want the house" and he said "you do". She said "yeah, you buy it for me" We all died laughing........ She also started on Paw-Paw the minute he walked in too..

I just think it was too cute not to share....... We will definately have to look at getting her her "own" house... but I want her daddy to build it - So we'll have to see on that one!!!!!!!~

The next 9 months!!

Well, it is confirmed!!!!!!! We will definitely be hearing another set of pitter-pattering feet around the Johnson house!!! They said everything looked great and estimated my due date of around October 27th or the first week in November. They have scheduled me to come back on March 23rd for another ultrasound to hear the heartbeat and confirm the due date. I am only about 5 1/2 weeks so we couldn't see the heartbeat yet. =~( Doc said everything was perfect though....... OH - and we only saw ONE SAC!!!! Thank you, Lord!! He knows what is best for us! HA! This truly is a blessing and I look so forward to the next 9 months!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Can't wait!!

Okay, so I just had to get on here and post my feelings.......!!! I am sooo excited about my doctor's appointment tomorrow. It was originally Thursday, but my doctor's office called yesterday and said that my doctor is out of the office for the rest of the week, that I had to reschedule my appointment. I told her - well - I can not wait any longer.... We found out Saturday was a week ago and I still haven't been to the dr..... I need to get in there for the reassurance that everything is ok! So, I am seeing another dr in the office just to confirm everything and for the ultrasound to see exactly how far along I am. I am just ready to see and hear that little heart beat!! I think Brian is just as excited as I am!!!! I love my hubby, he is the best daddy!!! It was so sweet, he left for Mobile yesterday morning and he had to give his little "peanut" a kiss before he left. It was precious!! I will post tomorrow with an update!!! Until then, lots of love!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow 2009

Well, we got what we hoped for........... SNOW!!!!
Kelsey woke up about 4:00 this a.m... So as anxious as I was I HAD to look outside. It had barely dusted the yards, but it was still coming down. I went back to bed thinking that it would be like last year, barely enough to play in. But when we woke up about 7:00, I was REALLY suprised!! It was POURING down and the yards were covered COMPLETELY!! I was so excited - couldn't wait to get outside! Kelsey slept 'til around 9:00. When she finally woke up we told her to look outside. She was so cute. We would ask her what's outside and she would say SNOW with all this enthusiasm!! All she kept saying was she wants a snowman! So we ate breakfast, then got all bundled up and went outside. I video'ed, took my pictures, then the snowball fight was on!! :) We had a blast! We finally made it around front to make Kelsey's snowman. Here are some picture's from our Snow morning!!!