Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

We had a great Halloween!!! My momma came over early Saturday morning and spent the WHOLE day with us!! I SOOO enjoyed that!! We had to run some errands, so we all done that, Then came back to the house, ate some lunch and laid punkin down for her nap (which she so desperately needed) While she was asleep, mom and I made some brownies and cupcakes to take to Nanny's Saturday night. Every Halloween, since I can remember, we have ALWAYS went over to my grandmother's to go trick -or- treating and Daddy has ALWAYS cooked a pot of Chili...... It is so wild how you take for granted those memories... JUST LIKE - We used to ALWAYS get together EVERY Sunday at my grandmother's for lunch.. Heather, Jen and I would get to play with our cousin's, Kevin and Eric..... and this continued until my Granddaddy passed away about 4 years ago... I don't know why, but we have just stopped doing that..... And, THAT, I so miss!!!! I hope we will start getting together again, if it is just for my Nanny, before she passes. (I don't know HOW I got off of the subject.... but, I did - so... back to Halloween!)

But, we went to Nanny's... and to my surprise, my second cousin, Aynsley and her family came to trick-or-treat with us! I am so glad they did. All the kids had a BLAST together!! They are always so fun to watch!Here are some random pictures of the night, I thought were Priceless!!!!

Okay, here is the story to these two pictures (Above and Below) This was Kelsey's reaction to seeing Devin in the "scary" costume!!!! I could see why she didn't wanna look at him!! So funny!!!

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  1. I love looking at your sweet pictures!! They are great!! Check out my page...TAG YOU ARE IT!! Hope you have a great weekend, love ya!!